Emily l.


Dr. Ashley has treated several of my family members and me for years. His methods may seem a bit quirky to someone who only acknowledges allopathic/Western medicine. But no matter your beliefs, he is a very talented practitioner. When he's doing his assessment at the beginning of the apt I get the sense he "sees" where the problem is before he does the muscle testing to confirm it.

Sometimes he does a traditional adjustment and sometimes it's a more "out there" experience. I'm a person who walks the line between loving some crazy woo-woo shit and at the same time needing my body workers to be grounded in this reality. I'd say Dr Ashley is a person who's mostly always in this reality but has a gift for being able to help people with getting their physical structure back into proper alignment.

Over the years I've had some very hard to treat problems including vertigo, migraine headaches, and not being able to move my neck because I went a little too crazy in the yard with a pick ax.

For my neck I'd heard of another chiro-doc who also happened to be closer to my house so I tried him out. A million apts and buckets of money later I still couldn't turn my head so I went back to Dr. Ashley. Within a couple apts my neck was better and hasn't bothered me since (note: I no longer use a pick ax when in the yard).

The vertigo came on suddenly one morning and as you may or may not know it can be a debilitating condition. I couldn't drive and I could barely walk in a straight line. I did acupuncture to get me through the weekend and then went to Dr A and within a week it was remarkably better. In a couple weeks it was gone. I had a friend who got vertigo around the same time and now, 3 years later is still unable to do a lot of things because of his balance. I suggested he visit Dr A but he never did; a lead a horse to water but you can't heal his ailments sort of situation.

The migraines were also another debilitating condition (I sound like a really sick person here, ug. I'm mostly healthy, I swear!) and within a few sessions and some muscle testing and B vitamin supplements they were better. Dr A did muscle testing on various substances that might help with the headaches and neither of us had known about the connection between migraines and low B vits.

When there's more work to be done in the session Dr A spends the time to make sure your body is complete. I've had apts that were 10 mins and I've had ones that are nearly an hour.

I cannot recommend Dr A more.

Happy Customers

Dr. Ashley is thorough, and exceedingly knowledgeable!!!

Bill Wesson

Happy Customer

Dr. Ashley is always very friendly and professional. I feel comfortable working with him and trust his expertise. I look forward to working with him again.

Kala Halbert

Happy Customer

Been going to him for many years and he is very thorough and has always made us leave with great results!

Ed Deane

Happy Customer

Emily Iverson

Dr. Ashley has helped me through a series of ailments over the years, including vertigo, migraine, and a tricky low back. His methods have been the only ones that actually correct the issues I've had. I have to commute pretty far but it's well worth it!

Emily Iverson

Happy Customer